The main difficulty I had with this for the Creating a Tidy Dataset project for the items donated to the royal society was reading it in the first place, cursive is not my strong suit, I had to look at the text multiple times and zoom in to make sure that I was writing the right thing. The page number was something I thought about repeating for each item but I decided against only bringing up the page number when I got to a different page. Also, I had to consider what the page number I was going to use the book number or the total number like the teachers used. I decided to use the book number that features on each page because if this was something a historian read I think they would use the book numbers to verify if my work was correct. Another thing I had to consider was the date of the meeting, considering I had only used the page number when I had changed pages would I use it for this too, I quickly shelved this thought because it is one thing for me to do that for the first row but another to do it in the middle of the text. The next weird thing I had to deal with was donors some people used different names to donate their items to the Royal society, one such case being ms Jefferson using the pseudonym Ms. Neimecing. Was I to use the real name or the pseudonym I decided to use both with parentheses around the real name, and also bring it up in the description. The items were straight forward besides the affronted issue I had with reading cursive I only said the item brought. The description I made was only the highlights of the information and not word for word, as I thought that would be more ascetically pleasing to look at for an excel doc. I had a hard time figuring out what to add as the page was pretty bare with details besides what was already listed to document, One thing I added was the checkmarks I had noticed under each donation there was either a blue and red or just a blue checkmark, I decided to list that, along with whether or not the person who donated was an individual or an orginzation.

It would be difficult to turn everything into data for historians however for things like this it would be easy. One example would be turning a personal journal into data how would you go about doing that? However for things like listing items and people or things like census and the like that would be easily convertiable. For my work in the medical field, we document everything we can that info is to give a better picture for not just the doctor currently treating him but for the next one as weel. We also document deasiesis their symptoms where they have been to if they did anything different from their usual routine and the like. The primary source will always be king due to the fact that every time someone documents or uses the original source, they leave out the info because if you are just copying the whole thing then it would still be the primary source.

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