Ethics, Privacy, Copyright, and Licenses

The 4 different readings I had today for class were about Ethics, Privacy, Copyright, and Licenses. More specifically about ownership, how much do people know about what happens to their data. The article “Big Data Ethics” writes about how the speed of emerging tech, is moving faster than people can understand. As well as our privacy is becoming more and more transparent. I already know my data was being collected and sold, I honestly did not see much of an issue with it as it didn’t really matter to me. However, hearing that they are building a profile of me so they can easily more manipulate me into buying products does give me some pause. Part of the reason why I don’t stop them from things like giving me personal ads and things, beyond not really see what’s wrong with it, is because it usually way easier to just hit accept than go down an obtuse rabbit hole as most companies will try to make it as difficult as legally possible to not let you stop them from collecting your data. What I will do now is try to stop some of these people from collecting my data if I can mostly because I don’t agree with them doing it in the first place.

There are also things like who owns what data and how its allowed to be used which is explored by “The American Philosophical Society Protocols for the Treatment of Indigenous Materials”. The APS is an organization that helps indigenous populations spread their knowledge in a safe and culturally sensitive way. In this day and age where everyone and their mom has a camera in their pocket, it’s easy to forget that some people do not want their culture spread around willy-nilly, it’s a little difficult for me to understand that but not completely. The reason why it’s difficult is that my culture is not closed off, basically nothing is forbidden. However, that is not to say that I don’t have any stuff that isn’t forbidden in my culture, one thing as a Muslim I’m not allowed to do is take pictures of the inside of the Ka’ba, which is the house of God in my religion. I wouldn’t feel so happy about a bunch of people with phones barging in and taking pictures. I could also see family texts or sacred items easily being similar for other people, personal things that are important to you and your family that you’d rather not have other people see.

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