HIST-390 (Fall 2021) Self-Assessment

During the course of this semester, I learned a few things one of the main things I really liked was how to make a website, or at a blogpost site, it was way easier than I thought and way cheaper as well, I may keep this site after I am done with this class and turn it into something else. Another thing I learned was how to look back better, I already knew keywords and other things but what I didn’t know about was sites that have old news articles journals, and the like, I will definitely be using that a lot more in the future. I also didn’t know about some of the smaller things like putting ” ” around words to force it to have those words in the search at the bare minimum. The next thing I learned was how to read data differently or at least how data can be used to manipulate. This class also helped me think differently about how my and other people’s data should be used. I look back on the “Ethics, Privacy, Copyright, and Licenses” post I wrote about if someone told me that they were compiling data and info from different cultures and people for historical purposes and think it was a unilaterally good thing but now I know that some cultures do not like all of their stuff posted online, obviously if you think about it. While it might be a shame it’s their choice to hide their culture if they choose to.

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