I googled myself and I was not surprised at what I found. While my name is uncommon in the us it is a fairly common name in my religion, though with an e at the end rather than an a. I did not find any info pertaining to me on my search, what I did find were articles most were about  crimes committed by people with my name. Hopefully no employer gets the wrong idea. I do have a bit of a digital presence but it seems like it is not easy to find, I couldn’t even find my old Facebook account, which is my only social media account. I don’t think I will increase my social media presence because I don’t like the idea of random people being able to look up my info. At the same time however I can see why people would want a digital presence, when you can control it yourself you can make sure that you appear flattering and most people want to be remembered and this might be one of the things that live beyond themselves. There is also a drawback: what is reasonable today might not be the same in 20 or 50 years, many celebrities have been “canceled” for past tweets because by today’s standards they would be considered offence, bigotry, or just plain offensive to certain audiences.  At the time of the post most people might have agreed with them but times change and so do ideas and opinions. There’s also the fact that normal people who suddenly find themselves in fame or sometimes unlucky. might find things they said online that were fine with their friends and family not so much accepted outside of that. There are also so many people on the internet with different ideas and thoughts, that no matter what you say you may accidentally end up offending someone. Not to say that’s always negative, for example you could tweet a Holocaust survivors and some person will complain about that the number of Jews killed by Nazis wasn’t that high and that most were labor camps and maybe some people will say that it wasn’t even as bad as people said. This website might help encapsulate my current thoughts on issues on topics we talk about in class. Overall though i think ill keep my online presence low, you can never know what you say one day may come back to bite you in the butt.

Why Having a Digital Presence is Important to Your Business - Marketing  Breakthroughs

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