The three principles of tidy data

The three principles of tidy data are “each variable is a column, each observation is a row, and each type of observational unit is a table.” as Hadley Wickham explained and wrote in his article ” Tidy Data” for RStudio which is a programming language for statistical computing and graphics. Hadley Wickham uses this framework to help make it easier for people to understand their data. I plan to be a pediatrician, a doctor for children because this is a science field that means that I will have to use a variety of data types. For me I’ll be doing research-style papers, which is actually similar to the format used in the article. The best methods for organizing my research would be to split it into sections. One would be the introductory which would be the basic overview of the paper, show the main idea, and set up the next sections. The sections after the introductory would-be different topics that support the main idea or explain it and give evidence. This part is where graphs and supporting info would be. The next part would be the discussion, which would talk about a verity of things. One part would be the failures that it took to reach this point. Another part would be the trying to figure out the oppositions side, if there even exists, and trying to answer why they wouldn’t work or why it doesn’t matter. The second to last part would be the conclusion where I would go over the paper again and reiterate the main idea. The next parts would be the acknowledgements which would acknowledge who assisted me, and the citations to show where I got the info from. Tidy data will be a must in my field the easier it is for people to understand them better. There are two types of people who will read what I write people in similar fields and those who aren’t in those fields. I also have to be careful and make sure my information comes out exactly how I want it because many news articles are looking for a headline and would gladly use the mistakes in my paper to help make their point. I also don’t want people to misconstrue my idea. Overall tidy data will be a very important tool in my belt for my future if I want to continue in my desired field in the medical sciences.

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